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Turn-key solutions to power content based web-platforms is a web application to build and run private, media intensive web-platforms and websites. It, enables users to manage their own asset libraries (of films, music, books, paintings, etc) and readily design, monetise and publish compelling content using mama.projects and the extensive media publishing tools. feature sets

These empowering tools enable organisations to run media rich work flows to ingest, process and publish content to their various audiences. Multiple media and content rich websites can be run on a single instance of

A combination of any of the feature sets described below can be deployed to run your multi-media web environments. Build your own online media portals - like: virtual festivals, artist portfolios, extensive content catalogues, art collections, live expos - manage your media assets, manage your users, host live hybride events, tickets, and more...

Asset management

Mama.assets offer a number of compelling use-case with which to ingest, and manage all your media assets. Films, photographs, books, music, or virtually any other media asset type, can be readily added to your database, and used extensively in all your mama.platform publications.

Monetisation and transactions content access can be fully monetised. The mama.transactions module supports most standard payment systems including Apple Pay, Ideal, paypal, creditcards, and more.


Setting up a mama.mailer is as simple as building a web page in Lists of recipients can be compiled and saved form registered users and subscribers. Templates make the mailer suitable for multiple purposes, for example within collaborative workflows, or for running press articles and newsletters.

Collaborative workspaces

Using mama.projects, authorised users can collaborate in a web authoring and publishing suit. Projects is where one can share media.assets, upload any other arbitrary media, and build and publish webpages, schedule events, gather data, and more. Users can own and/or participate in any number of projects, allowing for workflows to build and run web-editorial content programming on multiple websites.

Content curation is used to curate and publish content, run virtual live events, host online video or film programs, and many types of live mixed media presentations. It is ideal for online training, consulting, festivals, museums, and, there is a growing number of corporate use-cases.

DRM protection

Media archives are kept fully private and secure. Content can be published readily, using industry strength infrastructure featuring: DRM security, content monetisation, and a suite of publication tools.

Dynamic cloud storage

Dynamic cloud storage combines different storage technology for enhanced content delivery, high speed uploads and downloads, and offline backup options.

Your media web-portal

Within the ecosystem, the mama.platform is the core. Ingest and data-enrich all your content types appropriately, with support for varying media types. Mama.platform can be setup to fit and substantiate your media archives and collections. Mama.platform is the mothership for all your content and it has many publication options including publishing festival programmes, manage member accounts, live broadcasts, run scheduled events, sell tickets, and more.

Live hybrid events, together with her partners, offer a multitude of live audio visual broadcast capabilities. Live interactive shows and live stream presentations became common place in the last few years, and offer a rich set of possible combinations. This enables customers to create compelling hybrid shows, for live to air, and on demand presentations.

Manage media assets - Curate content - Run media rich websites

  • Customer stories mainly operates in three sectors: Museums and cultural heritage, Online events and festivals, and, last but not least, Education. The feature set combinations allow for the creation of work flows and use-cases for a wide range of applications particularly well suited to these sectors.

Boijmans Van Beuningen has an exuberant collection with all kinds of art. Based in Rotterdam - NL - it runs her film and video collection on - publishing out to a number of satellite-apps in the museum itself.

The HKU - Utrecht university of the arts - runs 8 websites using, notably a showcase and international online exposition of all graduation projects each year. Some 1000 graduates from 9 different academies show and discuss their work on

Cinedans is a filmfestival all about Dance. Their programme uses contemporary artists and heritage dance films to convey their artistic narrative. supports them to run festival entries, programme research and curation, and the complete presentation of a hybrid online festival. bv © 2023

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