MAMA is a dedicated system to create and present complete media catalogues and live event websites. It is used to build and publish a myriad of multimedia content, such as virtual live events, online video or film programs or powerful live mixed media presentation. Media archives are kept private and secure, although content can also be published publicly. With industry strength infrastructure, DRM security, content monetisation, and much more. It is designed for use in high volume, multipurpose live media and video streaming services.

Dynamic multi purpose

MAMA has a growing feature set, and is applicable to multiple use-cases. It is used to run VOD platforms, video libraries, kiosk applications, high quality 4K presentation, interactive video display systems, and an array of custom deployment methods.

Powerful ingestion

Industry strength encoding ensures fast, reliable and very high quality content standardisation. With support for virtually any play-out system format, and super smooth multi bit-rate delivery over the web to all devices.

Create, Publish, Archive

It has complete editing capabilities to ingest, research, create, publish, and archive programmes. For compiling film and media catalogues, ideal for e-learning, and delivering content to any number of customers, anywhere in the world.

Multi user levels

Mama incorporates a multi user-level environment, to cater for the various types of roles associated with content management, editorial and customer account management.

Broadcast your events LIVE

Utilise the powerful media project space to create your own fully customisable event pages. Easy to use tools let you present your own live streams, realtime chats, and an array of embedding media  options.

Affordable pricing

Pricing is on a subscription basis. We can customize your setup, or use our standard set and be up and running within a few days.

MAMA is rapidly developing with a growing number of use-cases, including ones in: live event broadcasts, e-learning, cultural heritage, film festivals, live shows and custom display systems.

The extensive API provides backend capabilities to power websites, and other applications in display and presentation, kiosks, mobile apps and more. If you need to manage and distribute large video and mixed media catalogues, with various deployment needs - then MAMA is for you.

Our Customers

MAMA services her customers, and their clients, 24/7 - any time, any place.

Company Details

MAMA has a diverse array of uses and we're always happy to discuss how it can best suit your needs. is a trading name of:
Duyser Media Systems bv
kvk-number: 66640350 (chamber of commerce Rotterdam, NL)
tel: +31 653 77 1908
email: mail[at]